Manual: 2012-2016

Page: 250

Bulbs must be clean and free from grease.

  • Never touch bulbs with your bare hands.
    Use a cloth or soft paper when replacing bulbs.
  • Always carry spare bulbs with you.
    In certain countries, it is mandatory to carry spare bulbs.


Risk of damage to headlights due to abrasion and excessive temperatures.

  • Do not affix any coverings (e.g. "stone guards" or film) close to the headlights.
  • Use soapy water only to clean light lenses and plastic headlight lenses. In no case may chemical cleaners or other volatile cleaning fluids be used.
  • To prevent scratches, do not rub with a dry or merely moist cloth, tissue or insect sponges.

The headlights can mist up due to temperature and humidity.

  • To ensure optimum ventilation, do not cover the gap between headlight and body.

Example: Removing left headlight (in direction of travel)

  1. Open the luggage compartment:
  2. Remove the relevant toolbox.
  3. Open up the cover for the headlight release mechanism.
  4. Place socket wrench (tool kit) on the unlocking spindle.
    The handle of the wrench should point horizontally to the rear.
  5. Turn wrench approx. 180° A. This unlocks the headlight and pushes it forward slightly.
  6. Turn socket wrench back until it is pointing vertically downwards B and leave in position.
  7. The headlight is now unlocked and can be pulled forward out of the wing by lifting slightly.
  8. Detach plug.

Installing headlights

  1. Attach plug.
  2. Insert headlight into the guide rails and push fully into the wing.
  3. Push headlight to the rear and at the same time turn the socket wrench until it points horizontally to the rear C.
    You should feel and hear the headlight locking mechanism engage.
  4. Close the cover for the headlight release mechanism.
  5. Attach tool box. NOTICE
  6. Check the function of all lights.