Manual: 2012-2016

Page: 249

Changing Car Key (Remote Control) Battery


  • Please observe the regulations for disposing of batteries.

Car key
If the battery in the remote control becomes too weak, the message "Replace ignition key battery" will appear on the multi-function display in the instrument panel.

The battery should be changed in this case.

Changing the battery (CR 2032, 3V)

  1. Remove the emergency key.

For information on the emergency key:

  • Please see the chapter "EMERGENCY KEY" on page 15.
  1. Lever off the cover on the back of the key housing using a small screwdriver.
  2. Change the battery (check polarity).
  3. Re-fit cover and press together firmly.
  4. Insert the emergency key.

Replacing bulbs
Replacing Light-Emitting Diodes and Long-Life Bulbs
Daytime driving lights, front side lights, direction indicator lights, gas-discharge bulbs in Bi-Xenon™ headlights, tail lights, number plate lights, additional brake light and interior lights are equipped with light emitting diodes and long-life bulbs.

The LEDs cannot be replaced individually.

Replacement of the long-life bulbs involves a greater amount of installation work.

  • Have defective LEDs and bulbs replaced at an authorized Porsche dealer.

Headlight High Voltage Hazard

The headlights are under high voltage when installed.

  • Exercise extreme care when working close to the headlights.

Risk of short circuit.

  • Always switch off the relevant load when changing bulbs.

Risk of damage.

Bulbs of a high wattage can damage the housing.

  • Only use the bulbs specified in the Owner's Manual.