Manual: 2012-2016

Page: 246

Battery care

  • Ensure that battery is securely mounted.
  • Keep battery surface clean and dry.
  • Keep terminals and connections clean.
    Corrosion can be prevented by coating the terminals and connections with petroleum jelly or silicone spray.
  • Ensure that terminal clamps and the vent hose are firmly secured.

Winter driving
The ability of the battery to deliver and store power decreases at low outside temperatures. Moreover, the battery is more heavily loaded in the winter months, e.g. by the heated rear window, the more frequent use of additional lights, the blower and the windshield wipers, etc.

  • Have the battery checked before the start of winter.

Keep the battery fully charged to prevent it from freezing.

A discharged battery can already freeze at –5 ºC, but a fully charged one only freezes at –40 ºC.

  • If the battery is frozen, thaw it out before connecting jump leads.

Laying up the vehicle
If the vehicle is left for long periods in the garage or workshop, the doors and lids should be closed.

  • Remove the ignition key or disconnect the battery if necessary.


  • When the battery is disconnected, the alarm system ceases to function.
    If the vehicle was locked before the battery was disconnected, the alarm will be triggered when the battery is reconnected.
    To deactivate the alarm system:
  • Lock the vehicle and unlock it again.

Alarm system, central locking

  • The status of the central locking and alarm system does not change when you disconnect the battery.

Even if you put your vehicle out of operation, the battery still discharges.

  • The battery must be charged, i.e. connected to a charger, approximately every 6 weeks in order to preserve battery function.
  • Store a battery that has been removed in a dark, cool place that is not exposed to frost.

Replacing the battery
The battery is subject to normal wear: its service life depends heavily on the care you give it, climatic conditions and the conditions of use (distances, loads).

It is not possible to use the details on the battery case to determine a comparable battery that meets all the specific requirements of Porsche.

  • Have the battery removed and installed only by your authorized Porsche dealer.
  • Only use an original Porsche battery, with the correct part number, as a replacement. Only this battery meets the specific requirements of the vehicle.
  • After you install a new battery, it must be initialised in the control unit.
    Please contact your authorized Porsche dealer.
  • Please observe the disposal instructions for batteries.

Putting vehicle into operation
After the battery is connected or after a fully discharged battery is charged, the PSM warning light lights up on the instrument panel and a message appears on the multi-function display in the instrument panel to indicate a fault.

This fault can be corrected with a few simple steps:

  1. Start the engine.
    To do this, turn the ignition key or the control unit (on vehicles with Porsche Entry & Drive) to ignition lock position 2 twice.
  2. With the vehicle stationary, perform a few steering movements to the left and right and then drive a short distance in a straight line until the PSM warning light goes out and the message is erased from the multi-function display in the instrument panel.
  3. If the warnings do not disappear, then: Drive carefully to the nearest authorized Porsche dealer.
    Have the fault corrected.
  4. After the warnings go out:
    Stop the vehicle in a suitable place.
  5. Store the end position for the power windows.