Manual: 2012-2016

Page: 220

Failure to Secure Vehicle

If the vehicle is not secured, or incorrectly secured, during repair work, it could move unexpectedly or fall from the car jack or car lift.

  • Be alert and cautious around the engine at all times while it is running.
    If you have to work on the engine while it is running, always apply the electric parking brake and put the gearshift lever in neutral or the PDK selector lever in position P or N.
  • Always support your car with safety stands if it is necessary to work under the car. The jack supplied with the car is not adequate for this purpose.
    Switch off level control of air suspension and height adjustment.
  • Jack up the vehicle only at the specified jacking points on the underside of the vehicle.
  • Never start the engine when the vehicle is jacked or lifted up. Vibration from the engine could cause the vehicle to fall.
  • When working under the car without safety stands but with the wheels on the ground, make sure the car is on level ground, the wheels are blocked, and that the engine cannot be started.
    Withdraw ignition keys (switch ignition off in vehicles that have Porsche Entry & Drive).


  • Incomplete or improper servicing may cause problems in the operation of the car. If in doubt about any servicing, have it done by your authorized Porsche dealer.
    Improper maintenance during the warranty period may affect your Porsche warranty coverage.
  • Some countries require additional tools and special spare parts to be carried in your vehicle. Please make enquiries before driving abroad.

Radiator Fans, Engine Compartment Blowers

The engine-compartment blowers are mounted under the engine compartment lid.

After the engine is switched off, the engine compartment temperature is monitored for approx. 30 minutes.

During this period, and depending on temperature, the engine-compartment blowers may continue to run or start to run.

  • Carry out work in this area only with the engine off and exercise extreme caution.

The radiators and radiator fans are in the front of the vehicle.
The radiator fans in the front of the vehicle may be operating or unexpectedly start operating when the engine is switched on.

  • Carry out work in these areas only with the engine switched off.
  • Take great care to ensure that parts of the body, items of clothing or jewellery cannot be drawn in by the radiator fan, enginecompartment blower, drive belt or other moving parts.

Measurements on test stands
Performance test
Performance tests on roller-type test stands are not approved by Porsche.

Brake tests
Brake tests must be performed only on roller-type test stands.

The following limit values must not be exceeded on roller-type test stands:
– Test speed 4.7 mph (7.5 km/h)
– Test duration 20 seconds

Testing the electric parking brake
Electric parking brake tests on the brake test stand must only be performed with the ignition switched on and with the manual gearshift lever in neutral or the Porsche Doppelkupplung selector lever in position N.

The vehicle switches automatically to brake test stand mode, in which the electric parking brake can be tested.

The message "Electric parking brake in service mode" appears on the multi-function display in the instrument panel.

Balancing wheels on the vehicle
During finish balancing of the wheels, the entire vehicle must be lifted and the wheels must be free to turn.

The tools required for changing a wheel (e.g. jack, wheel bolt wrench, assembly aids) are not supplied as standard with the vehicle. Your authorized Porsche dealer will be pleased to advise you.