Manual: 2012-2016

Page: 213


Risk of damage due to the cleaning jet of the highpressure cleaning equipment or hot wax treatment.

  • Do not clean the convertible top with highpressure cleaning equipment.
  • Do not use the hot wax treatment.

Do not wash the convertible top each time the car is washed.

It is usually sufficient to spray or wash it with clean water.

  • Brush dust off the convertible top in the direction of the weave using a soft brush.
  • Only if there is heavy dirt, wet the convertible top with lukewarm water and the Porsche Wash-Shampoo & convertible-top cleaner, using a sponge or soft brush, and rub gently.
    Rinse Wash-Shampoo & convertible-top cleaner thoroughly off the convertible top with clean water.
  • After washing it, treat the convertible-top cover at least once a year with the special Porsche convertible-top care product.
    Do not allow the convertible-top care product to come into contact with paint or windows. If it does, remove immediately.
  • If there is leakage in the convertible-top cover or at its seams or folds, the special Porsche convertible-top care product can be used.
  • Please note the information on the container.
  • Remove bird droppings immediately since the acid in them will make the rubber swell and the convertible top will become leaky.
  • Open convertible top only when it is completely dry, otherwise damp stains and scrub marks may occur which cannot be removed.
  • Try to remove spots from the convertible-top cover by rubbing carefully with a soft rubber sponge.

Paint care
In order to protect the paint on your vehicle in the best possible way against mechanical and chemical damage, you should
– preserve it regularly,
– polish it if necessary,
– remove spots and stains, and
– repair damaged paintwork.

  • Do not apply care products containing silicone to the convertible top and windows.


  • Never rub a dusty vehicle with a dry cloth, because the grains of dirt will damage the paintwork.
  • Do not treat matt-painted components with preservatives or polishes as these remove the matt effect.

The paint surface becomes dull over time due to weathering.

  • Preserve paint regularly.
  • Apply paint preservative after washing the vehicle and polish it smooth to preserve the paintwork.

This keeps the paint shiny and elastic. Dirt is prevented from adhering to the paint surface and industrial dust is prevented from penetrating the paint.

Only when the original shine can no longer be obtained using preservatives should paint polish be used to clean the paint.

We recommend Porsche paint polish.

Removing spots and stains

  • Remove tar spatters, traces of oil, insects etc. as soon as possible using an insect remover, as they discolor the paint if left to work on it over time.
  • Wash the treated areas carefully afterwards.

Repairing minor paint damage

  • Have minor paint damage (cracks, scratches or stone damage) repaired immediately before corrosion begins.
    Please contact an authorized Porsche dealer.

If traces of corrosion have already formed, these must be thoroughly removed. An anti-corrosion primer must then be applied to these spots, followed by top-coat paint.

Paint data can be found on the vehicle data carrier.

  • Please see the chapter "VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER" on page 259.