Manual: 2012-2016

Page: 21

A - Door opener
B - Door storage tray

Opening doors

  • Pull door opener (arrow) once.

Door storage tray
Opening storage tray

  • Open the cover B.

Keep the storage tray closed while driving for safety reasons.

Opening and Closing the Luggage Compartment Lid and Engine Cover

Unsecured Luggage Compartment Lid

If the luggage compartment lid is not secured properly, it could fly up, blocking your vision and causing loss of control.

  • Should you notice at any time while driving that the lid is not secured properly, please stop immediately in a suitable place and close it.

Opening luggage compartment lid

Risk of damage to luggage compartment lid or windshield wipers.

If the windshield wipers are pulled forward when you open the luggage compartment lid, the wipers or the luggage compartment lid could be damaged.

  • Make sure that the windshield wipers are not pulled out forwards when opening the luggage compartment lid.
  • Always switch off windshield wipers before opening the luggage compartment lid (wiper switch in position 0).

For information on windshield wipers:

  • Please see the chapter "WINDSHIELD WIPER AND HEADLIGHT WASHER SYSTEM" on page 84.

A - Luggage compartment lid
B - Engine cover

  1. Open the driver's door.
  2. Pull the release lever A next to the driver's seat.
    The luggage compartment lid is now unlocked.