Manual: 2012-2016

Page: 209

Emergency unlocking of the filler flap
If the electrical release mechanism is faulty, the filler flap can be opened as follows:

  • Open the passenger's door.
  • Pull the button in the right-hand door aperture (arrow).
    The filler flap pops open.

Portable Fuel Container

Transporting Filled Fuel Containers

If the portable fuel container is damaged in an accident and fuel escapes, it could ignite or explode.

  • Do not carry a portable fuel container on journeys.
  • Observe the relevant laws which prohibit fuel transport.

Portable Fuel Container Vapor Hazard

Vapors from the fuel are hazardous to health.

  • Do not carry a portable fuel container in the occupant compartment.

Fuel Recommendations
Your Porsche is equipped with catalytic converters and must use UNLEADED FUEL WITHOUT METALLIC ADDITIVES ONLY.

Your engine is designed to provide optimum performance and fuel economy using unleaded premium fuel with an octane rating of 98 RON (93 CLC or AKI). Porsche therefore recommends the use of these fuels in your vehicle.

Porsche also recognizes that these fuels may not always be available. Be assured that your vehicle will operate properly on unleaded premium fuels with octane numbers of at least 95 RON (90 CLC or AKI), since the engine's "Electronic Oktaneā„¢ knock control" will adapt the ignition timing, if necessary.

If fuels of less than 95 RON (90 CLC or AKI) are used however, this could reduce performance and increase fuel consumption.

  • Avoid driving at full throttle.

It is important to observe the regular service intervals, and particularly the oil change intervals, specified in the "Maintenance" booklet.

The use of UNLEADED FUEL ONLY is critically important to the life of the catalytic converters. Deposits from leaded fuels will ruin the converters and make them ineffective as an emission control device.

Cars with catalytic converters have a smaller fuel tank opening, and gas station pumps that dispense unleaded fuel have smaller nozzles. This will prevent accidental pumping of leaded fuel into cars with catalytic converters.

Unleaded fuels may not be available outside the continental U.S. and Canada. Therefore, we recommend you do not take your car to areas or countries where unleaded fuel may not be available.