Manual: 2012-2016

Page: 204

  • Only use window cleaner concentrate that meets the following requirements:
    – Dilutability 1:100,
    – Phosphate-free,
    – Suitable for plastic headlight lenses.

We recommend window cleaner concentrates approved by Porsche. Your authorized Porsche dealer will be pleased to advise you.

The washer fluid reservoir for windshield and headlights is located in the rear left of the luggage compartment (driving direction).

Warning Message
A warning message appears on the multi-function display if the washer fluid level is too low.

  • Add washer fluid at the next opportunity.

The maximum filling capacity is approx. 5.3 US quarts (5 liters).

Adding washer fluid

  1. Open cap on washer fluid reservoir.
  2. Add washer fluid.
  3. Close cap carefully.

Wiper Blades
Maintenance notes
Wiper blades that are in perfect condition are vital for a clear view.

  • Have the wiper blades replaced twice per year (before and after the cold season) or if wiper performance deteriorates or the blades are damaged.
  • Please see the chapter "CARE OF WINDSHIELD WIPER BLADES" on page 214.

Risk of damage when working on the wiper arm.

The windshield, wiper arm and blades can be damaged if the wiper arm accidentally falls back onto the windshield.

Wiper blades that are frozen in place can be damaged if they are loosened improperly.

  • Always hold the wiper arm securely when replacing the wiper blade.
  • Thaw the wiper blades before lifting them from the window.

  • After switching off the ignition, press the wiper stalk down once.
    The wipers move upwards to an angle of approx. 45°.
  • Clean the wiper blades with window cleaner at regular intervals, especially after washing the vehicle in a car wash.
    We recommend Porsche window cleaner. If the wiper blades are very dirty (e.g. soiled with insect remains), they can be cleaned with a sponge or cloth.

If the wiper blades judder or squeak, this may be due to the following:
– If the vehicle is washed in an automatic car wash, wax residues may adhere to the windshield. These wax residues can be removed only by using window cleaner concentrate.
– The wiper blades may be damaged or worn.

  • Have damaged wiper blades replaced immediately.
  • Please see the chapter "WASHER FLUID" on page 203.

Replacing wiper blades

  • After switching off the ignition, press the wiper stalk down once.
    The wipers move upwards to an angle of approx. 45°.
  • Please read the separate instructions provided by the wiper blade manufacturer.
  • We recommend that you get your authorized Porsche dealer to replace the wiper blades.

Risk of damage. If the wiper blades are not changed properly, they can come loose when the car is moving.

  • Check that the wiper blades are seated securely.
    The wiper blades must engage properly in the wiper arm.