Manual: 2012-2016

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Regularly check your vehicle for signs of damage.

Damaged or missing aerodynamic components such as spoilers or underside panels affect the driving behavior and therefore must be replaced immediately.

Your car may have all or some of the components described in this manual.

Should you have difficulty understanding any of the explanations of features or equipment installed in your vehicle, contact your authorized Porsche dealer. He/She will be glad to assist you. Also check with your dealer on other available options or equipment.

Throughout this booklet, left is designated as the driver's side of the vehicle, and right as the passenger's side of the vehicle.

Text, illustrations and specifications in this manual are based on the information available at the time of printing.

It has always been Porsche's policy to continuously improve its products. Porsche, therefore, reserves the right to make changes in design and specification, and to make additions or improvements in its product without incurring any obligation to install them on products previously manufactured.

We wish you many miles of safe and pleasurable driving in your Porsche.

Note to owners
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Note aux proprietaires
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Sport tires
Sport tires (ultra high performance tires) are approved for use on public highways and comply with all statutory requirements and safety criteria. The design of the tire is also geared towards use on racing circuits (driver safety training courses, sports driving schools, Club Sport events) and provides distinct advantages here in terms of dry grip and wear compared to conventional road tires.

The major features are a reduced tread depth and a special tread pattern and carcass.

The design features of this sports tire result in the following effects compared with other summer tires when used under normal driving conditions:
– Sport tires have a smaller tread depth, and thus can reach their wear limit sooner.
As with all tires, the attainable mileage depends on the individual driving style and the conditions of use.
– Exercise caution when driving on wet roads, paying special attention to hydroplaning situations (stagnant water, puddles,
lane grooves). Sport tires have a lower tread depth than normal tires and you must therefore adapt speed accordingly
when driving on wet surfaces.