Manual: 2012-2016

Page: 190

Garage Door Opener HomeLink®
(Universal Remote Control)

With the HomeLink® of your Porsche, a wide range of remote-controlled equipment (e.g. garage door/gate to your property, security systems, house lights) can be activated from inside the vehicle.

The HomeLink® system replaces up to three different original remote controls. The signal for a remote control can be assigned to one of the three memory buttons I, II and III on the overhead operating console keypad. The respective equipment can then be operated using the programmed memory button.

Transmission of the signal is indicated by the indicator light in the
button II.


  • Please read the instructions for the original remote control.
  • Information on the compatibility of your vehicle's HomeLink® system with the original remote control can be obtained from your authorized Porsche dealer, on the HomeLink® website ( or by calling the free HomeLink® hotline (1-800-355-3515).

Garage Door Opener Use

When opening and closing the equipment being operated, parts of the body could become trapped or crushed.

  • When using the garage door opener, make sure that no persons or animals are within the range of movement of the equipment that is being operated.
  • Observe the safety notes for the original remote control.


  • When the button is pressed, the transmitter unit sends the signal forward in direction of travel.
    Always align the vehicle with the receiver.
    Otherwise, range restrictions cannot be ruled out.
  • Before selling the vehicle, delete the programmed signals for the garage door opener on the keypad.
  • If the equipment cannot be operated after the initial programming, check whether the original remote control has fixed or changeable code.
    To find this out, read the instructions for the original remote control.