Manual: 2012-2016

Page: 157

Steering wheel with shift paddles

Shifting up with selector lever or right "+" shift paddle

  • Press the PDK selector lever forward or pull the right shift paddle on the steering wheel back.

Shifting down with selector lever or left "–" shift paddle

  • Pull the PDK selector lever or left shift paddle on the steering wheel back.

Shift to N – Neutral using the shift paddles

  • Pull both shift paddles simultaneously and release them again immediately. Transmission in N – Neutral.

The vehicle rolls with the engine disengaged and at idle speed without engine braking effect.

The number in the gear indicator goes out and the selector lever position flashes.

Power transmission can be re-established by pulling one of the shift paddles or by actuating the selector lever.

At low speeds approaching standstill, the brake must be actuated in order to establish power transmission.

Fast gearshifting by repeated operation of the selector lever, shift buttons or shift paddles.
You can shift up or down by the corresponding number of gears by quickly operating the selector lever, the shift buttons or the shift paddles several times in succession.

Gear changes that would exceed the upper or lower engine-speed limit are not executed by the control unit.

There is no automatic upshift at the upper enginespeed limit in selector-lever position M. Upshift suppression can be cancelled by kickdown operation. If, for example, the engine-speed limit is reached during overtaking and an automatic upshift does not occur, the transmission shifts up in this case as a result of kickdown operation.

  • Select an appropriately low gear on upward and downward slopes.
    This will ensure optimum use of engine power and engine braking.

Reduced Driving Program
Failure of the selector display in the tachometer
Drive emergency program

The warning "Drive emergency program" appears on the multi-function display.
– Effect:
No selector-lever position is displayed in the tachometer.
Vehicle can be driven only until it comes to a stop.
Action required:
It is not possible to continue driving. Stop the vehicle immediately in a suitable place. Have the fault corrected at an
authorized Porsche dealer. If the vehicle has to be towed:
Please see the chapter "TOWING" on page 252.

If there is a fault in the transmission
– Depending on priority, either the "Drive emergency program" warning or the warning "Drive temperature too high"
will appear on the multi-function display.
Drive emergency program

– Effects:
Restricted gearshift comfort, reverse gear may not function.
Action required:
Have the fault corrected immediately at an authorized Porsche dealer.