Manual: 2012-2016

Page: 156

Shifting gears on the steering wheel
With the shift buttons on the steering wheel, you can change temporarily from automatic selection mode D to manual mode M.

For example:
– Shifting down before bends and on entering built-up areas.
– Shifting down on downward slopes (engine braking).
– Shifting down for brief spurts of acceleration.

The manual selection mode remains engaged:
– For cornering (depending on the lateral acceleration) and overrunning.
– When the vehicle is stationary (e.g. at a junction).

The system leaves manual selection mode:
– automatically after around 6 seconds (unless cornering or overrunning),
– after driving off.

The kickdown function is active in selector-lever positions D and M.

  • For optimum acceleration, e.g. when overtaking, press the accelerator pedal beyond the full-throttle point (kickdown).

The transmission shifts down depending on the speed of travel and engine speed.

Upshifts occur at the highest possible engine speeds.

PDK selector lever

M – Manual selection mode
The currently engaged gear is retained when you change from D to M.

If you change from M to D, the gear-changing map suitable for your current driving style is selected and the appropriate gear is selected.

The selector lever and the two shift buttons in the upper steering wheel spokes or the shift paddles behind these spokes permit comfortable and safe selection of the seven forward gears.

Steering wheel with shift buttons

Shifting up using the selector lever or the shift buttons

  • Press the PDK selector lever or shift button on the steering wheel forward.

Shifting down with selector lever or shift buttons

  • Pull the PDK selector lever or shift button on the steering wheel back.