Manual: 2012-2016

Page: 152

Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK)
Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) is a seven-speed transmission with an automatic and a manual selection mode.

In automatic selection mode (selector-lever position D), gear changing is automatic.

You can change temporarily from automatic to manual mode using the shift buttons on the steering wheel.

In manual selection mode (selector-lever position M), you change gear using the shift buttons or shift paddles on the steering wheel or with the PDK selector lever.

You can change between selector-lever positions D and M as you wish while driving.


  • Take care not to operate the shift buttons on the steering wheel inadvertently in either automatic or manual mode, thereby triggering undesired gear changes.

Changing the selector-lever position
The selector lever is blocked in the P position when the ignition is switched off.

When the ignition is switched on, the selector lever can be moved from position P and N only when the release button is pressed, and when the brake pedal is pressed.

Release button
The release button (arrow) in the selector lever prevents the gear from being changed unintentionally.

The release button must be pressed when shifting to position R or P.

The engine can be started only if the brake pedal is depressed and the selector lever is in position P or N.

Driving off

  • Only select the desired position for driving off (D, M or R) when the engine is idling and the brake pedal is pressed.
  • Since the vehicle crawls when in gear, do not release the brake until you are ready to drive off.

Driving off on hills
The Drive-Off Assistant assists the driver when driving off on hills. The vehicle is held on the slope for a short time during the change from the brake pedal to the accelerator to facilitate driving off immediately after the brake is released.



  • For a brief stop, e.g. at traffic lights, leave the selector lever in drive position and hold the vehicle with the brake pedal.
  • Do not hold the vehicle on a slope using the accelerator. Use the brake pedal or the electric parking brake instead.
  • Before leaving the vehicle, always apply the electric parking brake and move the selector lever to position P.


  • Go easy on the accelerator!
  • When parking or maneuvering in a small space, control the speed by careful use of the footbrake.