Manual: 2012-2016

Page: 125

Changing button assignment on multi-function steering wheel
The assignment of the MFS button on the multi-function display can be changed individually.

Functions from the multi-function display or PCM/CDR can be assigned to the MFS button.

Available PCM functions:
"Source change"
Change audio source.
"Voice control"
Activate voice control.
"Dri. instr. (Rep)"
Repeat voice instruction from the navigation system.
"Station/track <"
Previous radio station/title.
"Station/track >"
Next radio station/track.
Display navigation map in PCM.
"Menu change"
Change main menu area.

Available instrument cluster functions:
"Start/Stop Chr."
Start/stop timing.
"Vehicle menu"
Display vehicle menu.
"Trip menu"
Display trip menu.
"TPM menu"
Display TPM menu.
"Chrono menu"
Display chrono menu.
"Audio menu"
Display audio menu.
"Phone menu"
Display telephone menu.
"Navi menu"
Display navigation menu.
"Map menu"
Display navigation map on the multi-function display.