Manual: 2012-2016

Page: 115

Vehicle Settings on the Multi-Function Display
Different settings can be adjusted in the multi-function display on the instrument panel depending on the vehicle equipment.

On vehicles with memory, the settings are stored on the vehicle key or the person buttons in the driver's door.

For information on the memory:

  • Please see the chapter "MEMORY PACKAGE" on page 31.

Setting or operating the multi-function display when driving

Setting or operating the multi-function display when driving could distract you from paying attention to traffic. You could lose control of the vehicle.

  • Carry out any complicated operating or setting procedures only with the vehicle stationary and in park.

Selecting settings menu

Selecting setting options or activating vehicle functions
A symbol positioned in front of a setting option indicates whether the option is selected or a vehicle function is activated.

Selecting one of several options

Option is selected.
Option is not selected.

Activating and deactivating functions

Function is activated.
Function is not activated.

Resetting to factory settings
All settings made in the multi-function display can be reset to the factory settings:

All personal settings that have already been stored will be lost as a result of resetting to factory settings.

Adapting appearance of multi-function display
The contents and appearance of the multi-function display can be adapted individually.

Selecting main menu display contents
Individual elements in the main menu can be hidden and shown as required.

The main menu items "Audio", "Phone", "Map", "Navigation", "Trip", "Tire pressure", "Chrono", "Gear shift assistant" and "G-Force" can be hidden or shown.

The "Vehicle" menu item cannot be hidden.