Manual: 2012-2016

Page: 114

Gearshift Assistant
(in vehicles with manual transmission)
In order to provide assistance during performance-oriented driving, a graphic display of the upshift indicator is shown in the "Gear shift assistant" main menu.

The gearshift assistant displays a prompt to shift to the next-higher gear with a pre-indication via segments that fill up. The sequence in which the segments are filled with color is white, yellow, red.

When all the segments are filled in red, a "+" sign appears next to the engaged gear in the display as a prompt to shift to the next-higher gear.

In the "G-Force" main menu, the current lateral and longitudinal acceleration forces are shown graphically in the form of a circular diagram.

The maximum occurring longitudinal and lateral acceleration forces are displayed in the "G-Force max" sub-menu.

The values can be reset via the menu item "Reset".