Manual: 2012-2016

Page: 111

Changing a wheel and replacing tires

  • New wheels must be fitted with radio transmitters for Tire Pressure Monitoring.
    Before tires are changed, the battery charge condition of the wheel transmitters should be checked.
    Please contact an authorized Porsche dealer.
  • Switch off the ignition when changing a wheel.

The tire settings on the multi-function display must be updated after changing a wheel.

If the tire settings are not updated, the message "Tire change? Update settings!" is displayed on the multi-function display.

  • Update the multi-function display settings the next time the vehicle is stationary.

Pressure increase as the result of temperature increase
In accordance with physical principles, the tire pressure changes as the temperature changes. For every 18 °F (10 °C) change in temperature, the tire pressure increases or decreases by around 1.5 psi/0.1 bar/10 kPa.

Partial monitoring
Monitoring of the other wheels is continued if there is a fault in one or two wheel transmitters.
– The tire pressure warning light lights up.
– The message "Restricted monitoring" appears on the multi-function display.
– No tire pressures are displayed on the multi-function display for wheels with faulty wheel transmitters.

No monitoring
In the event of faults, Tire Pressure Monitoring cannot monitor the tire pressure.

The warning light on the instrument panel lights up and a corresponding message appears on the multi-function display.

Monitoring is not active:
– If Tire Pressure Monitoring is faulty.
– If wheel transmitters for Tire Pressure Monitoring are missing.
– During the learning phase after the tire settings have been updated.
– After a wheel change without updating the tire settings.
– If more than four wheel transmitters are recognized.
– If there is external interference by other radio sources, e.g. wireless headphones.
– If tire temperatures are too high.

  • Please see the chapter "OVERVIEW OF WARNING AND INFORMATION MESSAGES" on page 126.

Chrono Menu (Stopwatch)
You can use the stopwatch to measure any times, e.g. on race circuits or on work-related journeys. Measured lap times can be stored and evaluated if the vehicle is equipped with Porsche Communication Management (PCM).

  • Please observe the chapter "SPORT DISPLAY" in the separate PCM operating instructions.