Manual: 2012-2016

Page: 108

Comfort pressure speed warning
If the maximum speed of the preset comfort pressure is exceeded and the tire pressure is below a defined limit, a warning message appears on the multi-function display.

Excessive Speeds for Comfort Setting

Driving at excessive speeds when the comfort pressure is active will eventually destroy the tires and that can lead to a loss of control of the vehicle, especially at high speeds.

  • Never exceed the speed specified on the warning message.
  • Always set the standard tire pressure when driving at higher speeds.

Selecting tire type in the Tire pressure menu (type and size of fitted tire)

Exceeding Maximum Rated Tire Speed

Exceeding the maximum tire speed could result in a tire burst, causing loss of control of the vehicle.

  • Always observe the permissible maximum speed of the respective tire.
  • Porsche recommends obeying all traffic laws at all times to maintain the safety of yourself and all vehicle occupants.

Entering Tire Data and Display

Incomplete entries or selection of the wrong tires on the multi-function display affect correct indication of warnings and messages.

  • The settings must be updated in the "Tire pressure" menu after changing a wheel, filling with tire sealant or adding air (after previous warning "Tire pressure!").
  • Please see the chapter "RED WARNING – TIRE PRESSURE!" on page 110.

The new tire type and tire size must be selected even if the settings for the new set of wheels are the same as for the old wheels.

Option is selected.
Option is not selected.

Tire selection has only been completed successfully when the following message appears on the multi-function display (example):
"No monitoring, System is learning".

  • Please see the chapter "CHANGING WHEELS" on page 233.