2012-2016 911 – Manual

2012-2016 911 – Manual

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A - Set temperature left/right
B - Set air quantitySetting temperature

Setting temperature
For personal comfort, the interior temperature can be adjusted individually for the driver's and passenger's side between 61 °F (16 °C) and 85 °F (29.5 °C). Recommendation: 72 °F (22 °C).

The selected temperature is shown on the display.

Increasing temperature

  • Press button TEMP upwards.
    The preset temperature value is shown on the air-conditioning display.

Pressing button AUTO selects the preset temperature.

The air-conditioning system always cools and heats the passenger compartment to the preset temperature at maximum cooling or heating temperature.

Setting the temperature temporarily to a lower or higher value does not cool or heat the passenger compartment to the desired temperature more quickly.

Setting air quantity
The selected air quantity is shown in a bar display above the button . The more bars that are displayed, the more air flows into the passenger compartment.

Increasing air quantity

  • Press button upwards.

Reducing air quantity

  • Press button downwards.

Pressing button AUTO switches back to automatic mode.

If the air quantity was reduced so much that OFF appears on the air-conditioning display, the outside-air supply is interrupted and the airconditioning compressor is switched off.

Air Shut-off Impairing Vision

The windows can mist up if the air quantity setting is OFF.

  • Only select air quantity setting OFF for short periods.
  • Press button upwards (increase air quantity).

Setting air distribution manually

  • Press button .
    The air flows to the windshield and the side windows.
  • Press button .
    The air flows from the central and side vents.
    The air vents must be open.
  • Press button .
    The air flows to the footwell.

The indicator light on the button lights up.
Cancelling manual air distribution

  • Press the relevant air distribution button again.
    The indicator light on the button goes out. or
    Press button AUTO.
    Air quantity and distribution are controlled automatically and variations are compensated.
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