2012-2016 911 – Manual

2012-2016 911 – Manual

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Chemical Cleaners

Cleaning agents may be hazardous to your health.

Most chemical cleaners are concentrates which require dilution. High concentrations might cause problems ranging from irritation to serious injury.

  • Keep cleaning agents out of reach from children.
  • Observe all caution labels.
  • Always read directions on the container before using any product. These directions may contain information necessary to avoid personal injury.
  • Do not use fuel, kerosene, naphtha, nail polish remover or other volatile cleaning fluids. They may be toxic, flammable or hazardous in other ways. Only use spot removing fluids in a well vented area.
  • Do not clean the underside of chassis, fenders, wheel covers, etc., without protecting your hands and arms as you may cut yourself on sharp-edged metal parts.

Risk of damage to the vehicle or property from cleaning agents.

  • Observe all caution labels.

Moisture and road salt on brakes may affect braking efficiency.

  • Test the brakes after each vehicle washing.

High-pressure cleaning equipment, steam cleaners

Risk of damage as a result of using high-pressure cleaning equipment, steam cleaners or similar.

High-pressure cleaning equipment, steam cleaners or similar can damage the following components:
– Logos, emblems
– Painted surfaces
– Alternator
– Electrical components and plug connections in the engine compartment
– ParkAssist sensors

  • Always read the operating instructions provided by the equipment manufacturer.
  • Always cover the lid of the brake fluid reservoir prior to cleaning. Never point the cleaning jet directly at the lid.
  • When cleaning with a flat-jet nozzle or a so-called "dirt blaster", maintain a minimum distance of 20 in. (50 cm).
  • Never use high-pressure cleaning equipment or steam cleaners with a round-jet nozzle.
    A high-pressure cleaning device or steam cleaner fitted with a round nozzle will damage your vehicle. The tires are particularly susceptible to damage.
  • Do not point the cleaning jet directly at any of the aforementioned components.

Decorative film

Risk of damage due to separation of the decorative film when using high-pressure cleaning equipment, steam cleaners or similar cleaning equipment.

  • Do not use high-pressure cleaning equipment, steam cleaners, etc. to clean decorative films.

Care of door lock

  • To prevent the door lock from freezing during the cold season, cover the lock barrel with suitable adhesive tape while washing the vehicle.

If the lock still freezes, use an ordinary de-icer. In many cases, a well warmed key can help.

  • Never use excessive force.

Car washing
The best protection for the vehicle from the damaging effects of the environment is frequent washing and preservation.

The longer road salt, road dust, industrial dust, insect remains, bird excrement, and tree exudations (e.g. resin, pollen), etc. are allowed to remain on the bodywork, the more harmful their effect.

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