2012-2016 911 – Manual

2012-2016 911 – Manual

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Transmission and Chassis Control Systems
Your Porsche sports car features a complex integrated system made up of all control systems acting in power transmission and in the chassis.

All control systems are networked with the aim of combining the best possible driving performance with maximum safety.

The following systems are involved, depending on equipment:


Porsche Stability Management

Porsche Active Suspension Management

Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control

Porsche Torque Vectoring

PTV Plus
Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus


– Driving stability control
– Anti-lock brake system (ABS)
– Brake system prefilling
– Brake booster (Hydraulic Brake Assist)
– Automatic brake differential (ABD)
– Anti-slip control (ASR)
– Engine drag torque control (MSR)
– Steering torque recommendation
– HOLD function: Drive-Off Assistant on vehicles with manual
transmission, standstill management on vehicles with PDK

–  Shock absorber system with adaptive, continuous shock
absorber control

–  Active chassis control system to stabilize roll tendency of vehicle
body when driving

– Laterally dynamic braking intervention for more agile cornering
– Rear differential lock with fixed asymmetrical locking ratio

– Laterally dynamic braking intervention for more agile cornering
– Fully-variable electronically controlled rear differential lock

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