2012-2016 911 – Manual

2012-2016 911 – Manual

Page: 158

Drive emergency program
– Effect:
Vehicle can be driven only until it comes to a stop.
Action required:
It is not possible to continue driving. Stop the vehicle immediately in a suitable place. Have the fault corrected at an
authorized Porsche dealer. If the vehicle has to be towed:
Please see the chapter "TOWING" on page 252.

Warning "Drive temperature too high"
– Effects:
"Warning jerks" can be felt when driving off and the engine power may be restricted.
Action required:
Do not hold the vehicle with the accelerator on a hill, for example. Hold the vehicle with the brake. Reduce engine
load. Stop the vehicle in a suitable place if possible. Allow the engine to run in selector-lever position P or N until
the warning disappears.

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