Manual: 2010-2013

Page: 165

E – Vehicles with large overhangs
The tail of the vehicle will not be detected correctly on vehicles with large overhangs, e.g. timber lorries.

Car Audio Operation/Tips
For radio operation see your radio manual which is included with your on-board literature.

FM reception
A vehicle is not an ideal place to listen to a radio. Because the vehicle moves, reception conditions are constantly changing.

Buildings, terrain, signal distance and noise from other vehicles are all working against good reception.

Some conditions affecting FM may appear to be problems when they are not.

The following characteristics are completely normal for a given reception area, and they do not indicate any problem with the radio itself.

Electronic accessories should only be installed by your authorized Porsche dealer.

Equipment which has not been tested and approved by Porsche may impair radio reception.

Fading and drifting
FM range is limited to about 25 miles (40 km), except for some high power stations.

If a vehicle is moving away from the desired station's transmitter, the signal will tend to fade and/or drift. This condition is more prevalent with FM than AM, and is often accompanied by distortion.

Fading and drifting can be minimized to a certain degree by careful attention to fine tuning or selection of a stronger signal.

Static and fluttering
When the line-of-sight link between a transmitter and vehicle is blocked by large buildings or mountains, the radio sound may be accompanied with static or fluttering because of the characteristic of FM.

In a similar effect, a fluttering noise is sometimes heard when driving along a tree-lined road.

This static and fluttering can be reduced by adjusting the tone control for greater bass response until the disturbance has passed.

Because of the reflecting characteristics of FM, direct and reflected signals may reach the antenna at the same time (multipath) and cancel each other out. As a vehicle moves through these electronic dead spots, the listener may hear a momentary flutter or loss of reception.