2010-2013 Panamera – Manual

2010-2013 Panamera – Manual

Page: 269

A - Fuse carrier
B - Fuse carrier
C - Relay carrier

Opening fuse box and relay box cover in luggage compartment

  • Open the luggage compartment floor and remove the tool storage box.

D - Plastic gripper

Opening fuse box cover at the left and right of the dashboard

  1. Carefully lever off the plastic cover with a screwdriver (arrow) and remove it.
    The positions of the fuses are shown on the inside of the cover.
  2. Carefully remove the fuses using the plastic gripper D.
  • Spare fuses can be found in both fuse box covers (left: 7.5 and 10 A; right: 20 and 25 A).

Fuse box on left side of dashboard

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