Manual: 2009-2012

Page: 95

A - Opening front luggage compartment lid
B - Opening rear luggage compartment lid

Rear Lid
Releasing the rear lid

  • Operate pull-button B next to the driver's seat or corresponding button of the remote control.

Opening the rear lid

Risk of damage to the paint on the rear lid if this touches the load transported on the roof rack when opening.

  • Only open the rear lid if this cannot touch the load.

The rear lid can be held open in 2 positions.

The luggage compartment is illuminated when the respective lid is open.

  • Please see the chapter "LOAD SWITCH-OFF AFTER 2 HOURS OR 7 DAYS" on page 236.
  • Position 1: Raise rear lid up to pressure point.
  • Position 2: Raise rear lid beyond the pressure point.

Closing the rear lid

  • Pull down the rear lid on the handle and allow it to fall into the lock.
    Check that the rear lid has correctly engaged in the lock.

Warning message

A warning message in the on-board computer comes on if the lids are not completely closed.

  • Fully close the lid.