Manual: 2009-2012

Page: 94

Closing front and rear luggage compartment lid

  • Lower the lid and close it.
  • Push the lid closed with the palm of your hand in the area of the lock.
    Check that the lid has correctly engaged in the lock.

Risk of loss of control or an accident, resulting in serious personal injury or death.

  • Should you notice at any time while driving that one of the lids is not secured properly, please stop immediately in a suitable place and close it.
    The front lid may fly up impairing vision.

Front Luggage Compartment
Access covers A and B

Risk of injury or damage.

  • Do not store any objects behind the access covers A and B.

Tool box

  • Unlock turn-locks C.

E - Adapter for security wheel bolts
F - Tire filling compressor
G - Towing hook
H - Tool kit
I - Tire sealant

  • Open tool box and place it on the floor of the luggage compartment.


  • Insert tool box into the guide pegs in the luggage compartment floor.
  • Close tool box and lock the turn-locks C.