Manual: 2009-2012

Page: 91

Storage in the Passenger Compartment

Unsecured luggage and heavy objects may come loose during braking, rapid directional changes or in an accident and cause serious personal injury or death.

  • Do not transport any heavy objects in the storage trays.
  • Do not carry unsecured luggage or objects in the passenger compartment.

Additional storage possibilities
– in the doors,
– in the door sill next to the passenger's seat,
– in the center console,
– storage tray with coin holder between seats,
– glove compartment with CD and pen holder,
– clothes hook on back of seat backrests (depending on vehicle equipment),
– side storage compartments behind the seats.

Storage tray between the seats

  • Press release button and lift the lid.
    There is a coin holder in the forward part of the storage tray.
  • Please see the chapter "SOCKETS" on page 235.