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Manual: 2009-2012

Page: 90

Danger of fire in engine compartment due to burning cigars or cigarettes.

Serious personal injury or death could result from fire in the engine compartment.

  • Do not throw any lit cigars or cigarettes out of the vehicle.
    They can be blown into the air inlets A by the air flow and cause a fire in the engine compartment.

Cigarette Lighter

Danger of fire and burning.

The cigarette lighter is ready for use, regardless of the ignition lock position.

  • Never leave unsupervised children in the car.
  • Never touch the heating element or sides of the lighter.
  • Hold the lighter by the knob only.

Heating lighter

  • Open ashtray lid.
  • Push in knob of the cigarette lighter.
    When ready for use, the lighter will snap back.

Note on operation
The lighter receptacle is not to be used for electrical accessories (except for the tire filling compressor).

Maximum power consumption: 150 W

  • Please see the chapter "SOCKETS" on page 235.
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