Manual: 2009-2012

Page: 82

Windshield Wiper/ Washer Lever

Danger of injury when the windshield wipers operate unintentionally, e.g. in intermittent or rain sensor operation.

Risk of damage to the windshield, wiper system and headlight washer.

  • Avoid running the wiper blades over a dry windshield to prevent scratching the glass. Spray washer fluid on the windshield first. A scratched windshield will reduce visibility.
  • Always loosen wiper blades from frozen glass before operating wipers to prevent damage to the wiper motor or blades.
  • Always switch off windshield wipers in car wash to prevent them wiping unintentionally (intermittent or sensor operation).
  • Always switch off windshield wipers before cleaning the windshield to avoid unintentional operation (intermittent or sensor operation).
  • Do not operate the headlight washer in car washes.
  • Do not operate headlight washer when it is frozen.

Wiper and headlight washer system

0 – Windshield wipers off

1 – Intermittent/rain sensor operation for front windshield wipers

  • Move wiper lever upwards to the first click. Please see the chapter "RAIN SENSOR" on page 83.

2 – Windshield wipers slow

  • Move wiper lever upwards to the second click.

3 – Windshield wipers fast

  • Move wiper lever upwards to the third click.

4 – Windshield wiper – one-touch operation:

  • Move wiper lever downwards. The windshield wipers wipe once.

5 – Windshield wipers and washer system:

  • Pull wiper lever towards the steering wheel.
    The washer system sprays and wipes while the lever is pulled towards the steering wheel.
    When the wiper lever is released, a few drying wipes are executed.

A - Headlight washer (Vehicles with Bi- Xenon headlights):
The washer sprays only while low beam or high beam is switched on.

  • Briefly push button A to operate headlight washer system.
  • If heavily soiled, repeat wash.

The headlight washer system automatically sprays once for every ten times the front windshield washer system is operated.

The windshield washer nozzles are heated when the ignition is on, as a precaution against freezing.