Manual: 2009-2012

Page: 79

Automatic Headlight Beam Adjustment
Vehicles with Bi-Xenon headlights feature dynamic headlight beam adjustment.

When the ignition is switched on, the level of the headlight beam automatically changes in accordance with the vehicle load.

The level of the headlight beam is automatically kept constant during acceleration and braking.

Checking operation

  1. Switch the low beam on.
  2. Insert ignition key and switch ignition on.
    The light beam first dips all the way down and is then adapted to the vehicle load.

If this test item is not met, the headlight beam adjustment system must be checked by an authorized Porsche dealer.

Welcome Home Lighting
Switching on

  • Move light switch to the HOME position.

For improved visibility and security when you get in and out of the car, the daytime driving lights and the tail lights remain on for a certain period of time:
When you get out of the car, the lights are turned on for approx. 30 seconds after the door is opened. The off-delay time
resumes when the vehicle is locked.
On vehicles with the Sport Chrono Package Plus, the PCM can be used to set the off-delay time. This setting also changes
the lighting period for unlocking the vehicle.
Please observe the chapter "Individual Memory" in the separate PCM operating instructions.
– The lights are turned on for approx. 30 seconds when the vehicle is unlocked.
The lights go out if the ignition is switched on or when leaving the Welcome Home lighting.