Manual: 2009-2012

Page: 65

Sport mode
A sportier car set-up is obtained when Sport or Sport Plus mode is switched on.

PSM interventions are later than in Normal mode; the vehicle can be maneuverd with greater agility at its performance limits, without dispensing with the assistance of PSM in emergency situations.

This helps to achieve optimal lap times, particularly on race circuits and a dry road surface.

PSM multifunctional light

– The multifunctional light on the instrument panel lights up for a lamp check when the ignition is switched on.
– The light indicates a control operation by flashing, including when PSM is switched off (brake control in the event of
one-sided wheel spin).
– In conjunction with a message on the on-board computer, the light indicates that PSM is switched off.
An acoustic signal also sounds.
– The light indicates a fault in conjunction with a message on the on-board computer.
PSM is out of order.

  • Please have the fault remedied at an authorized Porsche dealer.
  • Please see the chapter "PUTTING VEHICLE INTO OPERATION" on page 241.


  • Please see the chapter "TOWING" on page 259.

Checks on test stands
Brake tests
Brake tests must be performed only on roller test stands.

The ignition must be switched off.

The following limit values must not be exceeded on roller test stands:
– Testing speed 5 mph (8 km/h)
– Test duration 20 seconds

Handbrake tests
Handbrake tests on the roller test stand must be performed only with the ignition switched off.