Manual: 2009-2012

Page: 38

Seat Ventilation
The three-stage seat ventilation is ready for operation when the engine is running and from an ambient cabin temperature of 58 °F (15 °C).

The three stages are controlled with the buttons on the control panel for the air conditioning.

The blue light-emitting diodes in the buttons show which stage is currently activated.

The full effect of the seat ventilation can be achieved only if you are wearing breathable clothing.

Seat ventilation and seat heating can be used at the same time and provide excellent seating comfort when used in the right combination.

  • Do not use protective seat covers.

Switching on seat ventilation
High ventilation

  • Press button once.
    Three light-emitting diodes light up.

Medium ventilation

  • Press button twice.
    Two light-emitting diodes light up.

A - Seat ventilation, left
B - Seat ventilation, right

Low ventilation

  • Press button three times.
    One light-emitting diode lights up.

Switching off seat ventilation

  • Press button as often as necessary until all light-emitting diodes go out.

Steering Wheel Adjustment

Risk of accident.

The steering wheel may move further than desired if you attempt to adjust it when driving.

You can lose control of the vehicle, causing serious personal injury or death.

  • Do not adjust the steering wheel when driving.