Manual: 2009-2012

Page: 271

Use only fluids and fuels authorized by Porsche. Your authorized Porsche dealer will gladly advise you.
Your Porsche has been designed so that it is not necessary to mix any additives with oils or fuels.

Oil change quantity with oil filter approx. 1.98 U.S.gallons/7.5 liters
Please see the chapter "ENGINE OIL RECOMMENDATION" on page 190.

Cayman: approx. 6.05 - 6.18 U.S. gallons/22.9 - 23.4 liters
Cayman S: approx. 6.13 - 6.61 U.S. gallons/23.3 - 25 liters

Manual transmission and differential
Cayman: approx. 0.79 U.S. gallons/3 liters
Cayman S: approx. 0.85 U.S. gallons/3.2 liters

Porsche Doppelkupplung Gear set
approx. 0.78 U.S. gallons/2.95 liters

Porsche Doppelkupplung Clutch/Hydraulic fluid
approx. 1.37 U.S. gallons/5.2 liters

Power steering
approx. 1.1 quarts/1 liter hydraulic fluid Pentosin CHF 11 S® or CHF 202 S®

Brake fluid
approx. 0.4 quarts/0.39 liters; use only Original Porsche brake fluid

Windshield washer
approx. 0.66 U.S. gallons/2.5 liters without headlight washer
approx. 1.58 U.S. gallons/6 liters with headlight washer

Fuel tank
Refill volume approx. 16.9 U.S. gallons/64 liters, including approx. 2.6 U.S.gallons/10 liters reserve.

Fuel quality
Your engine is designed to provide optimum performance and fuel economy using unleaded premium fuel with an
octane rating of 98 RON (93 CLC or AKI)
Porsche therefore recommends the use of these fuels in your vehicle.
Porsche also recognizes that these fuels may not always be available. Be assured that your vehicle will operate properly on
unleaded premium fuels with octane numbers of at least 95 RON (90 CLC or AKI), since the engine's "Electronic Octane™
knock control" will adapt the ignition timing, if necessary.