Manual: 2009-2012

Page: 256

  1. Remove side marker and undo bulb holder (bayonet lock).
  2. Remove the bulb from the holder and replace it. Insert holder.
    Check operation of the light.
  3. Insert the side marker's retaining lugs A into the side section at the front.
    Push in side marker until the securing spring B is felt to engage.
  4. Press the cap into the wheel housing liner.

Number Plate
Changing bulb

  1. Unscrew both screws A and take off the light lens.
  2. Remove defective bulb from between the contact springs and replace.
  3. Reassemble in reverse order.
    Check operation of the light.

Changing Light-Emitting Diodes and Long-Life Bulbs
The following lights are equipped with lightemitting diodes (LEDs) or long-life bulbs and cannot be replaced individually. Replacement also involves a greater amount of installation work.
– Side light, front,
– Daytime driving lights on vehicles with Bi-Xenon headlights,
– Tail lights and
– Additional brake lights

  • Have the defective light replaced at an authorized Porsche dealer.