Manual: 2009-2012

Page: 23

Indication by emergency flasher and alarm horn
If the remote control is used for unlocking or locking, a response is provided by the emergency flasher:
– Unlocking – single flash.
– Locking – double flash.
– Locking twice – continuous illumination for approx. 2 seconds. The passenger compartment monitoring is switched off.

Central locking switch
The central locking switch on the dashboard lets you lock and unlock both doors electrically.

If the doors are locked with the key or remote control, they can not be opened by pressing the central locking switch.


  • Press the rocker-switch.
    Indicator light lights up if ignition is on.


  • Press the rocker-switch.
    Indicator light goes out.

If the doors were locked with the central locking switch, they can be opened by pulling the inner door handle:

  1. Pull inner door handle once to unlock door lock.
  2. Pull inner door handle again to open door.