Manual: 2009-2012

Page: 220

Under no circumstances should tires older than 6 years be used on your Porsche.

The age of the tire can be obtained from the "DOT" code number. If, for example, the last four numbers read 1208, then the tire was produced in the 12th week of 2008.

  • Store tires in a cool and dry place.

Snow tires
For a better grip on snow and ice, use radial M+S tires with studs.

Check with your local Motor Vehicle Bureau for possible restrictions.

Risk of loss of control and damage to the vehicle as well as serious personal injury or death.

The standard tires profile and rubber mixture are optimized for wet and dry driving conditions, and may not prove favorable for snow conditions.

  • Therefore install M+S tires before driving in such conditions.

Before mounting snow tires, consult with your Porsche dealer. He has the technical information necessary to advise you on wheel and tire compatibility.

Snow tires should have the same load capacity as original equipment tires and should be mounted on all four wheels.

Snow tires with studs should be run at moderate speeds when new in order to give the studs time to settle.

Tires with badly worn treads and studs are very dangerous and could cause accidents resulting in serious personal injuries or death.

  • Make sure they are replaced immediately.

  • Do not drive a vehicle equipped with snow tires at prolonged high speed.
    Snow tires do not have the same degree of traction on dry, wet or snowfree roads as a normal tire.
    Furthermore, snow tires wear rapidly under these conditions.

Comply with all state and local laws governing snow tire and tread depth requirements.

Risk of accident and serious personal injury or death due to excessive speed.

  • Always check the maximum speed rating on the tire sidewall on any tire on the vehicle.
  • Never exceed the maximum speed rating of the tires.

  • Fit snow tires to both axles well before the cold season begins.
    Your authorized Porsche dealer will be pleased to advise you.

Maintenance note
We recommend fitting snow tires on the vehicle at temperatures below 45 °F (7 °C) since the driving performance of summer tires is reduced at low temperatures. Summer tires may be permanently damaged at extremely low temperatures.

Winter tires lose their traction capability when their tread depth falls below 5/32 in. (4 mm).