Manual: 2009-2012

Page: 206

Risk of damage to the alternator.

  • Do not point the cleaning jet directly at the alternator, or cover the alternator.

Effective rust-proofing is particularly important during the cold weather season. If the vehicle is driven frequently in areas where salt has been spread on the roads, the engine compartment should be cleaned thoroughly and subsequently sealed after the cold weather season to prevent salt from causing any lasting damage.

The road dust which settles on the windshield and windows contains particles of tire rubber and oil residue. The interior trim and upholstery release particles, particularly in strong sunlight, which collect on the insides of the windows. These deposits are augmented by impurities in the air which enters the car through the fresh air vents.

  • Clean all windows regularly, inside and outside, with Porsche window cleaner.
  • If you use a chamois leather for the windows, do not use it for paintwork as it will otherwise pick up a certain amount of preservative or polish and could smear the windows and thus impair vision.
  • Remove dead insects with Porsche insect remover.

Door windows feature a water-repellent (hydrophobic) coating which prevents soiling of the windows.

This coating is subject to natural wear and can be renewed.

  • Consult an authorized Porsche dealer.

Wiper blades
Wiper blades that are in perfect condition are vital for a clear view.

  • Please see the chapter "WIPER BLADES" on page 202.
  • Replace the wiper blades twice per year (before and after the cold season) or whenever wiper performance deteriorates or the blades are damaged.
  • Periodically clean the wiper blades with Porsche window cleaner, especially after the vehicle has been washed in a car wash.
    If they are very dirty (e.g. with insect remains), they can be cleaned with a sponge or cloth.

If the wiper blades rub or squeak, this can be as a result of the following:
– If the vehicle is washed in an automatic car wash, residues may adhere to the windshield.
These wax residues can be removed only by using window cleaner concentrate.
– The wiper blades may be damaged or worn.
– Replace damaged or worn wiper blades immediately.

  • Please see the chapter "WASHER FLUID" on page 200.
  • Please contact your authorized Porsche dealer for further information.

The wiper blades may be damaged:

  • Replace damaged wiper blades as soon as possible.

As it is not possible to exclude the risk of damage to this protective coating in day to day driving, it is advisable to have the underside of the car inspected at certain intervals – preferably before the start of winter and again in spring – and the undercoating restored as necessary.

Your authorized Porsche dealer is familiar with the bodyseal treatment procedures and has the necessary equipment for applying factory approved materials. We recommend that you entrust them with such work and inspections.

Unlike conventional spray oils, undercoating and rust-proofing compounds based on bitumen or wax do not attack the sound-proofing materials applied at the factory.