Manual: 2009-2012

Page: 190

Engine Oil Recommendation
Porsche recommends .
The right oil for your vehicle.

1) Generally, you can find details of the manufacturer approvals on the oil containers or as a notice displayed by the retailer.
The current approval status is also available from your Porsche partner.

2) SAE viscosity class - Example: SAE 0W - 40
Specification 0W = Viscosity specification for low temperatures (winter).
Specification 40 = Viscosity specification for high temperatures.

3) For all temperature ranges.

4) For the temperature range over --13 °F (-25 °C).

Always observe the following points:
– Use engine oils approved by Porsche only. This is a precondition for optimum and problem-free operation of your vehicle.
– Regular oil changes are part of servicing.
It is important that the service intervals, particularly the oil change intervals, are observed in accordance with the specifications
in the "Maintenance" booklet.
– Oils approved by Porsche can be mixed with each other.
– Porsche engines are designed so that no oil additives may be used.
– A label is located in the engine compartment, which provides you with information on suitable oil for your engine.

Your Porsche partner will be pleased to advise you.

Oil change
The engine oil has to be changed regularly at the intervals listed in your Maintenance Schedule.

  • Please see the chapter "CAPACITIES" on page 271.

We recommend that you have the engine oil changed at your Porsche dealer, who has the required oils and the necessary filling equipment.

If you suspect an oil leak in the engine have your dealer check it out immediately.

All current engine oils are compatible with each other, i.e. when making an oil change it is not necessary to flush the engine if you wish to use a different brand or grade of oil.

Since, however, each brand of oil has a special composition, you should, if possible, use the same oil brand if it becomes necessary to top up between oil changes.

Porsche engines have long intervals between oil changes. You can make best use of these long oil change intervals by using multigrade oils since these are largely independent of seasonal fluctuations in temperature.