Manual: 2009-2012

Page: 151

Tire Pressure Monitoring

  • Please see the chapter "TIRE PRESSURE FOR COLD TIRES (68 °F/ 20 °C)" on page 267.

The Tire Pressure Monitoring continuously monitors tire pressure and tire temperature on all four wheels and warns the driver when the tire pressure is too low.

The display as well as the settings for the Tire Pressure Monitoring take place on the on-board computer.

However, you must still adjust the tire pressure on the wheel.

  • The driver is responsible for filling the tires correctly and making the correct settings on the on-board computer.

The Tire Pressure Monitoring offers the following functions:
– Display of the actual tire pressure while the vehicle is in motion.
– Display of the deviation from the required pressure (refilling pressure).
– Display of currently set tire size and type.
– Tire pressure warnings in two stages.

  • Despite the advantages offered by the Tire Pressure Monitoring, it is still the driver's responsibility to update the corresponding settings in the on-board computer and maintain the pressure in the tires.
    Low tire pressure reduces the road safety of the vehicle and destroys the tire and wheel.
  • When a flat tire has been displayed, immediately stop in a suitable place and check the tires for damage. If necessary, remedy the damage with a tire sealant.
  • Do not by any means continue to drive with damaged tires.
  • Sealing the tire with tire sealant is only an emergency repair, so you can drive to the next authorized Porsche dealer. The maximum permitted speed is 50 mph (80 km/h).
  • Do not drive with tires whose tire pressure drops again in a short period of time. In cases of doubt, have tires checked by an authorized Porsche dealer.
  • Damaged tires must be immediately replaced by an authorized Porsche dealer.
    Tire repairs are not permissible under any circumstances.
  • If a fault occurs in the Tire Pressure Monitoring (e.g. defective wheel transmitter), contact an authorized Porsche dealer immediately and have the damage repaired.
    The tire pressure will not be monitored at all or will be monitored only partially by defective Tire Pressure Monitoring.
  • Tires lose air over time without a tire defect being present. A tire pressure warning will then appear in the on-board computer display.
    Correct the tire pressure at the next opportunity.
  • The Tire Pressure Monitoring gives a warning about tire damage due to natural pressure loss as well as about a gradual loss of pressure due to foreign objects.
    The Tire Pressure Mnitoring cannot warn you about tire damage that occurs suddenly (e.g. flat tire due to abrupt external effects).