Manual: 2009-2012

Page: 112

Information on air-conditioning compressor
– May switch off briefly to ensure sufficient engine cooling if the engine is operating under extreme load.
– The air-conditioning compressor switches off automatically at temperatures below approx. 37 °F/3 °C and cannot be
switched on, even manually.
– Operates most effectively with the windows closed.
If the vehicle has been in the sun for a long time, it is a good idea to ventilate the interior briefly with the windows open.
– Depending on the outside temperature and humidity, condensation can drip from the evaporator and form a pool under
the car.
This is normal and not a sign of leakage.
– If uncooled air flows out when the lowest temperature has been set, switch off the air conditioning compressor and have
the fault remedied.
Please contact your authorized Porsche dealer for further information.