2009-2012 Cayman – Manual

2009-2012 Cayman – Manual

Page: 212

Exercise Extreme Caution when Working on your Vehicle

Ignoring the following instructions may cause serious personal injury or death.

  • The engine compartment of any motor vehicle is a potentially hazardous area. If you are not fully familiar with proper repair procedures, do not attempt the adjustments described on the following pages.
    This caution also applies to the entire vehicle.
  • Only work on your vehicle outdoors or in a well ventilated area.
  • Ensure that there are no open flames in the area of your vehicle at any time when fuel fumes might be present. Be especially cautious of such devices such as hot water heaters which ignite a flame intermittently.
  • Before working on any part in the engine compartment, turn the engine off and let it cool down sufficiently. Hot engine compartment components can burn skin on contact.
  • Be alert and cautious around engine at all times while the engine is running.
    If work has to be performed with the engine running, always set the parking brake, and make sure the shift lever is in neutral position or the PDK selector lever in position P or N.
  • In particular, be very careful to ensure that items of clothing (ties, shirt, sleeves etc.), jewelry, long hair, hand or fingers cannot get caught in the engine-compartment blower, fan, belts or other moving parts.
    The radiator and radiator fans are in the front of the car.
    The engine-compartment blower is mounted in the engine-compartment.
    The fans can start or continue running as a function of temperature, even with the engine switched off.
    Carry out work in these areas only with the engine off, the ignition switched off, and exercise extreme caution.
  • Your Porsche is equipped with an electronic ignition system. When the ignition is on, high voltage is present in all wires connected with the ignition system; therefore, exercise extreme caution when working on any part of the engine while the ignition is on or the engine is running.
  • Always support your car with safety stands if it is necessary to work under the car.
    Jacks are not suitable for this kind of work.
  • When working under the car without safety stands but with the wheels on the ground, make sure the car is on level ground, the wheels are blocked, and that the engine cannot be started.
    Remove the ignition key.
  • Do not smoke or allow an open flame around the battery or fuel.
    Keep a fire extinguisher in close reach.
  • Incomplete or improper servicing may cause problems in the operation of the car. If in doubt about any servicing, have it done by your authorized Porsche dealer.
    Improper maintenance during the warranty period may affect your Porsche warranty coverage.
  • Supplies of fluids, e.g. engine oil, brake fluid or coolant, are hazardous to your health.
    Keep these fluids out of children's reach and dispose of them in accordance with the appropriate regulations.
  • Some countries require additional tools and special spare parts to be carried.
    Please make enquiries before driving abroad.

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