2009-2012 Cayman – Manual

2009-2012 Cayman – Manual

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Fabric, upholstery, carpets and floor-mats

  • Use only a vacuum cleaner or a medium stiff brush.
  • Remove stains and spots with Porsche stain remover.

To protect carpets, the Porsche range of accessories includes mats of the correct size and with the appropriate fastening.

Risk of an accident resulting in serious personal injury or death.

  • Always check the movement of the pedals before driving and make sure that they are not obstructed by a floor-mat or any other object.
  • Secure the floor-mat to prevent it from sliding into positions that could interfere with the safe operation of your vehicle - do not install them loosely in the vehicle.
    Your Porsche dealer will be glad to offer you nonskid floor-mats of the correct size.

Cleaning fabric linings

  • Fabric linings on pillars, convertible top liner and sun blinds, etc. must be cleaned only using suitable cleaning agents or a suitable dry foam and a soft brush.

Alcantara care

  • Do not use a leather care product to clean Alcantara.

For regular care it is sufficient to clean the cover with a soft brush.

Heavy abrasion or rubbing when cleaning causes a lasting change in the surface.

Cleaning when lightly soiled

  • Wet a soft cloth with water or a neutral soap solution and wipe off the dirt.

Cleaning when heavily soiled

  • Wet a soft cloth with lukewarm water or thinned white spirit and dab the dirt from the outside in.

Cleaning the safety belts

  • Use mild detergent to clean soiled belts.
  • When drying, avoid direct sunlight.
  • Only use suitable cleaning agents.
  • Do not tint or bleach the belts.
    The belt fabric could be weakened, thus affecting safety.
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