Manual: 2011-2012

Page: 85

A - Sliding/lifting roof element
B - Fixed glass element

Panorama Roof System
The Panorama roof system comprises two roof elements.

Roof element A can be moved in the vehicle's longitudinal direction by actuating the switch. It can also be raised. This allows improved interior ventilation.

Roof element B is a fixed glass element and completes the Panorama roof system system.

Roof System Operation

If there are persons or animals in the movement range of the Panorama roof system, parts of the body could become trapped or crushed.

  • Make sure that nobody can be injured when operating the Panorama roof system.
  • Always remove ignition key when leaving the vehicle or switch ignition off on vehicles with Porsche Entry & Drive. Always take the ignition key with you when leaving the vehicle. Uninformed persons (e.g. children) could injure themselves by operating the Panorama roof system.
  • In case of danger, press the Panorama roof system button in the opposite direction.

Risk of damage when operating the Panorama roof system if roof attachments are not fitted correctly.

  • Check that the roof attachments are properly fitted before starting to drive.
  • Make sure that there is sufficient clearance between the Panorama roof system and the fitted roof attachments.

Operational readiness of the Panorama roof system
The Panorama roof system is ready for operation:
– When the ignition is switched on.
– After the ignition is switched off and before the driver's or passenger's door is first opened, but for a maximum of 10 minutes.

Operating the Panorama roof system
The Panorama roof system is operated using the switch in the overhead operating console. The sliding roof switch has a two-stage function for all directions of motion. These two detent positions can be felt clearly when you actuate the switch.

– First setting – manual operation
If the switch is moved to the first setting in one direction, the Panorama
roof system is adjusted manually in the relevant direction. Adjustment
stops when the button is released.

– Second setting – one-touch operation
If the switch is moved completely to the second setting, the Panorama
roof system is opened or closed automatically.
Actuate the switch again in any direction to stop the Panorama roof
system at the desired position.