Manual: 2011-2012

Page: 108

Risk of damage to the emission control system. If the warning light on the instrument panel continues flashing even when you have eased off the accelerator pedal, the emission control system may overheat.

  • Stop as soon as possible in a safe place. Make sure that combustible materials, such as dry grass or leaves, cannot come into contact with the hot exhaust system.
  • Switch off the engine.
  • Have the fault corrected.

Acoustic signals
A speaker in the instrument panel generates acoustic signals.

The warning message "Fault Instrument cluster/ ParkAssist sound" will appear on the multipurpose display of the instrument panel if a speaker fault occurs.

The speaker cannot generate acoustic signals.

  • Please see the chapter "OVERVIEW OF WARNING MESSAGES" on page 139.

Compass on the Dashboard

The outer ring of the compass turns while the vehicle is driving and shows the four cardinal directions and intermediate directions.

  • The display in the middle shows the altitude (A) and the degrees (B).

The units for the compass can be set on the multi-purpose display:

  • Please see the chapter "SETTING UNITS" on page 137.

The compass display can also be switched off:

  • Please see the chapter "SWITCHING OFF COMPASS DISPLAY ON THE DASHBOARD" on page 136.

Operating the Multi-Purpose Display on the Instrument Panel

On the multi-purpose display, you can view information relating to the relevant vehicle equipment, operate the audio source (radio, CD, iPod, etc.), check the oil level, check the tire pressure or operate the navigation system. You can also modify different vehicle settings in the "Vehicle" menu.

It is not possible to describe all details of the functions in this Owner's Manual. The examples clearly demonstrate the functional principle and clarify the menu structure.

Operating On-Board Systems While Driving

Setting or operating the on-board computer, radio, navigation system, telephone or other equipment when driving could distract you from the traffic. You could lose control of the vehicle.

  • Operate the equipment while driving only if the traffic situation allows you to do so safely.
  • Carry out any complicated operating or setting procedures only when the vehicle is stationary.