2011-2012 Cayenne – Manual

2011-2012 Cayenne – Manual

Page: 272

Snow chains

Risk of damage to body, axle or brake components.

  • Use only the fine-link snow chains recommended and authorized by Porsche so that sufficient clearance between the wheel well and the chain is assured.
  • Please see the chapter "WHEELS, TIRES" on page 309.
  • Follow instructions issued by the supplier of the chains.

The best possible handling characteristics are achieved when snow chains are fitted on all four wheels of the vehicle. However, it is also possible to fit snow chains only on the rear axle.

  • Remove spacers if snow chains are mounted.
  • Before fitting chains, remove accumulated ice and snow from the wheel well.
  • Vehicles with snow chains must not be driven faster than 30 mph (50 km/h).

Different states and countries have varying statutory requirements regarding maximum speed.

  • Check with local authorities for possible restrictions.
  • Remove chains as soon as the roads are free of ice and snow.

Example of Inscription

Inscription on radial tire
A – Tire size
Example: P 265/40ZR18 (101Y)

– P - The tire is designed for Passenger vehicle.
This information is not included on all tires.
– 265 - Indication of tire width in mm
– 40 - Indication of tire height to tire width ratio in percent
– ZR - Belt type code letter for radial
– 18 - Indication of rim diameter in inches
– 101 - Load capacity coefficient
– Y - Speed code letter
– XL (Extra Load) - Tire with increased load rating

B – TIN (Tire Identification Number)
Example: DOT xx xx xxxx xxxx
The DOT symbol indicates that the tires comply with the requirements of the
US Department of Transportation and provides information about:
– first two-digit code means manufacture's identification mark.
– second two-digit code means tire size.
– third four-digit code means tire type code.
– fourth four-digit code means date of manufacture.
If, for example, the last four numbers read 0204, the tire was produced in the 2nd week of 2004.

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