2011-2012 Cayenne – Manual

2011-2012 Cayenne – Manual

Page: 268

Example of a tire pressure plate

Tire Pressure plate
Information on the tire pressure plate

A Seating capacity
Maximum number of vehicle occupants, including the driver.

B Vehicle load limit
Is the maximum total weight limit specified of the load (passengers and cargo) for the vehicle.
This is the maximum weight of passengers and cargo that can be loaded into the vehicle.
Please see the chapter "LOADING INFORMATION" on page 221.

C Original tire size
Size of tires mounted at the factory.

D Recommended cold tire inflation pressure
These values are for cold tires (68 °F/20 °C).

Tire traction


When driving on wet or slushy roads, a wedge of water may build up between the tires and the road. This phenomenon is known as "hydroplane" and may cause partial or complete loss of traction, vehicle control or stopping ability.

  • Reduce speed on wet surfaces to prevent this.

Tire life
Tire life depends on various factors, i.e., road surfaces, traffic and weather conditions, driving habits, type of tires and tire care.

  • Inspect your tires for wear and damage before driving off. If you notice uneven or substantial wear, wheels might need alignment or tires should be balanced or replaced.

Tire wear
The original equipment tires on your Porsche have built-in tire wear indicators. They are molded into the bottom of the tread grooves and will appear as approximately 1/2 in. (12 mm) bands when the tire tread depth is down to 1/16 of an in (1.6 mm). When the indicators appear in two or more adjacent grooves, it is time to replace the tires. We recommend, however, that you do not let the tires wear down to this extent.

Worn tires cannot grip the road surface properly and are even less effective on wet roads.

In the United States, state laws may govern the minimum tread depth permissible. Follow all such laws.

Excessively-worn Tires

Driving on worn tires can result in loss of control of the vehicle and could cause serious personal injuries or death.

  • Do not drive with worn tires or tires showing cuts or bruises as they may lead to sudden deflation and loss of control which could cause severe personal injury.

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