Manual: 2009-2012

Page: 79

Station swapping
When two FM stations are close to each other, and an electronic dead spot, such as static or multipath area, interrupts the original signal, sometimes the stronger second signal will be selected automatically until the original one returns.

This swapping can also occur as you drive away from the selected station and approach another station of a stronger signal.

Compact disk player

To avoid damage to compact disc player and discs.

  • Use only compact discs labeled as shown, having no dirt, damage or warpage.
  • Never attempt to disassemble or oil any part of the player unit.
    Do not insert any object other than a disc into the slot.
    Remember there are no user-serviceable parts inside the compact disc player.
  • Do not allow the disc to sustain any fingerprints, scrapes or stickers on the surfaces.
    This may cause poor sound quality.
    Hold the disc only on the edge or center hole.
  • When not in use, take the disc out of the player, put the disc back into its case and store it away from dust, heat, damp and direct sunlight.
    Leaving the disc on the dashboard in the sun can damage the disc.
  • If the disc gets dirty, clean the disc by wiping the surfaces from the center to the outside in a radial direction with a soft cloth.
    Do not use a conventional record cleaner or anti-static record preservative.
    Disc cleaners are available in audio stores.

Car Telephone and Aftermarket Alarms
Important legal and safety information regarding the use of cellular telephones
Some states may prohibit the use of cellular telephones while driving a vehicle. Check the laws and regulations on the use of cellular telephones in the areas where you drive.

Cell Phone Use

Looking away from the road or turning your attention away from your driving to operate a cell phone will sooner or later cause an accident.

  • Do not attempt to operate a hand-held cell phone while you are driving. Safety is more important than a phone call.
  • Learn to operate the hands-free phone, if it is available, before you start driving. Then make use of the hands-free phone at all times.

It is essential to observe the telephone manufacturer's instructions before operating the telephone.
Any portable telephone or radio transmitter which is used in a Porsche must be properly installed in accordance with the technical requirements of Porsche.

The transmission power must not exceed 10 W.
The devices must possess a type approval for your vehicle and have an "e" symbol.

If you should require equipment with transmission power values greater than 10 W, please consult your authorized Porsche dealer for this purpose. The dealer is familiar with the technical requirements for installing devices of this kind.

The antennas for all radios and telephones with a transmitting antenna must be externally mounted. The improper installation of radios or telephones or use of a radio or telephone with a transmitting antenna inside the car may cause the warning lights to come on.

Improper installation of such equipment can create a discharged battery or excessive current draw from added equipment.

If aftermarket systems are installed by non-dealership technicians or outside the selling dealer, problems may result. Installation of aftermarket equipment is not covered under the New Car Warranty.

  • Consult your authorized Porsche dealer about the installation of non Porsche approved equipment.

Reception quality
The reception quality of your car telephone will change constantly when you are driving. Interference caused by buildings, landscape and weather is unavoidable. It may become particularly difficult to hear when using the hands-free function due to external noise such as engine and wind noise.

Automatic car-wash

  • Unscrew external antennas before using an automatic car-wash.