Manual: 2009-2012

Page: 76

Front Luggage Compartment
Access covers A and B

Risk of damage to sensitive vehicle components. The space behind the access covers is not suitable for storage.

  • Do not store any objects behind the access covers A and B.

Tool box

  • Unlock turn-locks C.

E - Adapter for security wheel bolts
F - Tire filling compressor
G - Towing hook
H - Tool kit
I - Lever for convertible top emergency operation (under the tool kit)
J - Tire sealant

  • Open tool box and place it on the floor of the luggage compartment.


  • Insert tool box into the guide pegs in the luggage compartment floor.
  • Close tool box and lock the turn-locks C.

A - Topping up engine oil
B - Check coolant level, top up if necessary

Rear luggage compartment
The refilling points for engine oil and coolant are located behind the service flap in the rear luggage compartment.

Opening the service flap

  • Open the flap by pulling the handhold.
  • Please see the chapter "ENGINE OIL LEVEL" on page 173.
  • Please see the chapter "COOLANT LEVEL" on page 172.