Manual: 2009-2012

Page: 157

  1. With one person on each side, grasp hardtop and carefully lift over the car.
  2. Insert hardtop front into the sockets on the windshield frame.

Lowering Hardtop

Your fingers can become trapped if the hardtop is not lowered evenly.

  • Evenly lower the hardtop at both sides.

  1. Lower hardtop at rear.
    The pivot locks must be completely sunken into the locks (arrow A).
    If necessary, move latching lever slightly.
  2. Swing both latching levers B to the rear until they can be felt to engage.

  1. Swing locking lever of front latch to the rear (arrow A).
    The locking hook must engage in the windshield frame (arrow B).
    When the hardtop is correctly latched, the white marking stripe on the red locking button (arrow C) must be visible.

Risk of damage due to inadvertent operation of the convertible top when the hardtop is fitted.

  • Make sure that front locking lever A is always correctly locked.
    This disables the convertible-top drive.

  1. Fit cover on the front locking lever.
  2. Insert the plug of the hardtop heated rear window into the socket.