Manual: 2009-2012

Page: 146

"Sport Plus" mode activated:
In "Sport Plus" mode, the PDK transmission changes to a shift program designed for driving on race circuits. 7th gear is not selected.

The gear-changing performance is enhanced significantly again compared with "Sport" mode.

  • Please see the chapter "SPORT MODE" on page 48.

Driving with Launch Control
Driving with Launch Control allows you to achieve maximum acceleration from a standing start. It is intended to provide you with a unique enjoyment of your vehicle under controlled circumstances and is not intended to be used in any location where it could be a nuisance to other persons.

Endangering Other Road Users

Launch Control is designed to be used in a controlled environment on closed circuit driving courses where no vehicle cross traffic or pedestrian traffic is present.

  • Use Launch Control only if conditions permit it to be applied in a safe manner.
  • Do not use Launch Control if there is a possibility it could endanger other persons.
    Such a possibility exists if you cannot see that you have a clear road with no possibility of cross traffic in your intended direction of driving.

Stress on components increases dramatically when starting with maximum acceleration in comparison with normal driving off.

Use of Launch Control will inevitably reduce the life of the engaged engine and transmission components.

– Launch Control should only be used when the engine has reached operating temperature.
– "Sport Plus" mode must be switched on (light-emitting diode in button is on and "SPORT PLUS" is displayed on the
steering wheel).

  1. Press the brake with your left foot.
  2. Quickly press down the accelerator fully (kickdown activated) and hold.
    The engine speed will flatten out at around 6500 rpm.
    "Launch Control active" appears on the steering-wheel display.
  3. Release the brake within a few seconds.
    Remaining stationary for a long time with "Launch Control active" can lead to overloading of the transmission.
    In order to protect the transmission, the engine power is then reduced and the "Launch Control active" process is cancelled.

Shifting gears on the steering wheel
With the shift buttons or shift paddles on the steering wheel, you can change temporarily from automatic selection mode D to manual mode M.

For example:
– Shifting down before bends and on entering built-up areas.
– Shifting down on downward slopes (engine braking).
– Shifting down for brief spurts of acceleration.

Manual selection mode remains engaged:
– for cornering (depending on the lateral acceleration) and overrunning,
– when the vehicle is stationary (e.g. at a junction).

The system leaves manual selection mode:
– automatically after approx. 8 seconds (unless cornering or overrunning),
– after driving off.

The kickdown function is active in selector lever positions D and M.

  • For optimum acceleration, e.g. when overtaking, depress the accelerator pedal beyond the full-throttle point (kickdown).

The transmission shifts down depending on the speed of travel and engine speed. Upward shifts occur at the highest possible engine speeds.